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  • Ways to Create a Strong Incident Response Plan

    There is the likelihood that one or more of the sheer volume of cyber-attacks will penetrate your organization’s security system. As such, it is critical for companies to have a fast and intelligent incident response plan to mitigate the effects of a security breach. A sophisticated incident response plan will enable stakeholders to address potential bottlenecks before an attack occurs. Here are ways that PagerDuty Knowledge Base can help companies to improve their incident response plans.

    Plan for the Unavoidable

    An incident response plan can build or destroy a company. A security breach can cause a massive loss in an organization. Over time, cyber threat detection and prevention tools have become fundamental to the ever-evolving internet world. In fact, security breaches are likely to get you unaware. Accepting this reality is critical to ensuring that companies prioritize incident response plans. Developing an incident response plan that fits your company’s characteristics is necessary. Your incident response plan should include your company’s digital exposure, human factors, and physical security. Keep in mind that adversaries will exploit any gaps and weaknesses in your organization to breach your security system. Your incident response plan should go beyond restoring your company from an incident.

    Build an Incident Response Team

    The primary cause of failure of an incident response plan is inadequate response team. As such, it is crucial for an incident response plan to include the right mix of expertise and leadership who understand the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Companies have paid a hefty price for lacking those elements in their incident response plans. The success of an incident response plan relies on an influential leader that understands the issues at hand. It is also necessary to test and probe the effectiveness of an incident response plan to keep up with the ever-changing levels of cyber threats.

    Stick to the Playbook

    Once you detect a security breach, the incident response plan should help you define the procedure for getting to the next steps. Failure by the incident response crew to stick to the playbook can make even the most sophisticated incident response plan to implode. When emotions of team members guide their decisions, an incident response plan can collapse. The incident response team must stick to the plan except for a few critical decisions. An incident response plan could also fail if the organization is reluctant to implement the program. Security breaches manifest themselves as an iceberg. You only see the tip of a security breach and think that it is not an incident.

    Update the Plan

    Incident response plans often change to meet developing demands of an organization. Tests such as tabletop exercises ensure that every team member understands their responsibilities and they stick to the program. An outdated incident response plan that has not been tested is doomed to fail. Many companies create incident response plans and tuck them away, and only revisit them when a security breach happens or during compliance audits. The goal of an incident response plan is to eliminate uncertainty that can arise once a security breach strikes.

  • Buying RF Equipment: Tips and Tricks

    The world of RF equipment can be quite intimidating, especially for a beginner. What do you need to buy? How do you know that you’re getting the best prices, products and warranties? What should you beware before whipping out your credit card?

    The good news is that it’s easier than you might think to find and purchase high-quality RF equipment. If you’re in the market for supplies, here are just a few things to consider.

    1. Map Out Your Project

    What are you hoping to accomplish with your RF equipment? This can make a big difference in your shopping list. You don’t want to waste money on directional couplers when you really need a power splitter combiner, and you don’t want to buy something with the wrong bandwidth, frequency or insertion loss that would render your whole project useless.

    2. Read Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews are the next best thing to actually purchasing an RF device. They can tell you all about the item’s pros and cons before you have to spend a dime on it. Just make sure that you don’t fall for the overly-positive testimonials that some manufacturers use on their websites; you’re looking for real, nuanced reviews instead of gushing praise that’s just meant to sell more of the product.

    3. Watch Your Budget

    How much can you afford to spend on your RF equipment? What’s the average price of whatever piece or part that you seek? What about shipping charges? Will it cost more for an extended warranty as opposed to a regular one? These are all important questions to ask before you decide on any particular item or brand, so make sure that you consider all aspects of your budget to make a smart and well-informed purchase decision.

    These are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for RF equipment. It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting deer in the forest or building a remote-controlled car in your garage; if you’re serious about your project, you’ll need the very best in RF equipment to get it done.…

  • Use Gadget without Worry Your Privacy Bugged

    Among us, there may have been a fraud of hypnosis via chat on the phone. In a more professional case, lately a lot of hackers who easily access our personal data. Starting from chat, location, personal data and so on your gadget. Surely, anyone does not want our privacy to be abused, is not it? Gadget

    The digital era in which most people tend to pour all their activities into the gadget. Make the flow of information stored in it vulnerable once exposed tapping. The following ways keep you comfortable being a gadget user.

    Conversation in Encrypted Chatting Applications

    Currently a lot of smartphone applications that facilitate us to have a conversation. But before using it, make sure the app has an encryption setting. Encryption is a way of securing information so that it can only be accessed with special help.

    If the system is stored in the chat application, no need to worry our chats are read by irresponsible parties. Because the encryption system converts the original message into a more secret form called Chiper text. So, have you checked your favorite chat apps?

    Find Locations Offline with Gadget

    Lots of gadget users looking for locations in an online state. And many do not know that in any offline state we can find where we are headed. Usually, location search application provides offline alias search feature without any internet connection we can still browse somewhere. Just download one area that often and maybe you will go through.

    In this way, the possibility of personal information accessed by the provider of search services will be smaller. Another advantage, can save internet quota and do not have to worry about signal interference because it is not connected to the network.

    Avoid using Additional Virtual Keyboards

    Do not think the additional virtual keyboard feature is just a trimmer only. You need to be aware of how the system works in it. Because there are several types of virtual keyboards that store the words you type.

    It’s easy to know if the help keyboard is dangerous or not. At the time of install, there is a notice of the danger. Then do not ever ignore the warning.

    Therefore you should not install the additional virtual keyboard. Because the built-in virtual keyboard system on the smartphone has been designed to work optimally and securely.

    Less-Allocate Location Sharing in Social Media

    It’s nice if many people know when we’re in a fancy place. Usually, we do is to update the location to social media. In addition, activities in the office, campus, or places to hang out often we publish.

    The existence of share location feature on almost every application makes us tend to share location information. Without thinking about the effect. The irresponsible party will use this to read our mobility patterns.

    Currently, it is not so much crime with this mode. But evil will take various ways to make a profit. It would be nice if we limit the propensity of location sharing.…

  • How Computers Can Help to Improve a Soap Maker’s Business

    Soap making has become an incredibly beautiful art form. Soaps can range in size, shape, color, design, and fragrance; many soaps even have beautiful decorations in them, like real dried flowers or herbs! Lots of consumers are seeking out locally made, safe, chemical free, or hypoallergenic body products, which offers a skilled soap maker plenty of business. As long as the work computer is put to use, it can make several high impact, positive changes for the small business.

    Finding Potential Customers Through Social Media

    When products are represented online by the business and current or former customers, they can reach a far greater audience. Many consumers find their favorite small local businesses through social media accounts and word of mouth. These testimonies from happy customers spread like wildfire, as they are shared with that individual’s trusting and loyal friends. By having a presence on social sites, the soap maker can respond directly to inquiries quickly and easily, encouraging sales.

    Establishing Authority and Trust Through Demonstrations

    For the soap maker who wants to become well known for his or her craft, it is highly recommended to create tutorials, demonstration videos, and time lapses of the production processes. These are incredibly helpful for beginners, and it shows customers exactly how their products are made and what they are made with. This could lead to an overwhelmingly positive audience that can boost the soap maker’s brand, reputation, and name locally and nationally.

    Creating Attractive, Customized Packaging

    Packaging truly sells the product, especially when it comes to natural or homemade items. By designing custom product labels online with an attractive packaging, the product looks much more appealing to the consumer. Descriptive labels allow the customer to learn necessary information about the product, giving them a greater sense of trust. For soap, a good packaging option will keep the soap dry, prevent damage, and it’ll allow the customer to easily smell the product and visually inspect its quality.

    Designing Rewards Cards and Discount Programs

    Loyalty programs, whether it be through a printed business card system or a computer software, are perfect for enticing customers to make future soap purchases. Two way referral programs are also excellent during the beginning stages of a business, as new customers are far more likely to try a new product at a discount. A computer could nearly automate the entire process, too!

    With more people than ever showing concern over the products that they use to care for their bodies, the independent home soap maker has the potential for success. In order to maximize the exposure of the business and its products, soap makers are turning to their computers to perfect product designs, reach out to customers, and operate tantalizing loyalty programs.…

  • Heavy Traffic Location Gas Station Design: Go Big or Go Home

    If you have landed a prime location for a gas station that is right in the heart of heavy traffic, it is not the time to start thinking small. Increased numbers of traffic are one indicator that you will bring in steady traffic flow. You have to prepare the property to handle a high volume of customers.

    Multi-Function Stations

    Making full use of a property close to the primary access of heavy traffic flow is the perfect spot for multi-function gas station. It is a guaranteed way to increase your profit potential by merely having all of the facilities needed for a large customer base. Offering quality food, cold drinks, gasoline, coffee, car wash, and air compressors will draw a steady stream of customers.

    Commercial and Non-Commercial Vehicles

    You may not need to build an entire truck stop in the location you purchased, but you still need to try and set aside an area that is for commercial vehicles to fuel up. Delivery trucks, vans, and pickups that take diesel will need a larger area or canopy under which they can park. The more inviting it is, the more business you will get.

    Car Wash

    It is not always an easy task to find a car wash, especially if you are traveling through and are unfamiliar with the area. Adding a car wash takes up very little space and can dramatically increase your profits if there are no others nearby.

    Convenience Store

    Many sales can come from impulse buys and by simply having items available that are convenient to pick up while you are getting gas. It can be everything from snack foods and drinks to asporin and toilet paper. You can have a well-stocked mini-store in a small area.

    Fast Food or Deli

    Everyone has to eat. Consider adding some franchised mini fast food restaurant installed in your station. If there is not enough room, add a small deli center. Adding a source of hot foods to your list of items for sale can crank up the profits and popularity of your station.

    Well-Lit and Colorful

    People will feel safer to stop and fuel up at night if you keep the premises well-lit. Add splashes of brilliant color to the exterior of your building and your rain canopy for visibility from the highway.

    Contact gas station construction specialists like Fastech US and discuss your ideas for creating the perfect fuel stop today!…

  • Powerful Tips Powerbank Treat To Stay Durable

    Powerbank is one of the gadget’s accessories that is needed today. How not, the powerbank function is essential to charging the gadget at key moments. Surely you also have a powerbank, usually to charge the smartphone while on the go.


    Power banks are currently produced with many variants of capacity, features and of course price. All that for the consumer needs to charge the electronic devices. Although practical, powerbank including objects that are quite fragile and require a certain treatment so as not easily damaged.

    Well here are some ways to treat powerbank so as not to be damaged quickly. Regardless of the powerbank brand that also determines its lifespan.

    Do not Often Recharge

    Keep in mind, however, that it can not refill the powerbank too often. Despite its usefulness to recharge the gadget battery, but you should not use too often. Powerbank currently uses Lithium-Ion battery type and Lithium Polymer. Each battery has its own rechargeable cycle, which is 500 times rechargeable for Lithium Polymer and 1000 times rechargeable for Lithium Ion. After passing the refill cycle then the power of the bank will run out faster and the ability to charge the gadget getting slower.

    Recharge at Low Power

    Typically Powerbank quality provides the remaining power indicator. Well, you should pay attention to it to keep it durable. When your powerbank indicator enters the low phase, immediately recharge your powerbank battery.

    Do not Charge too long

    Like smartphone batteries that can be damaged if charged too long so does the power bank battery. If the refill process you do too long, for example, you leave it overnight for the charge, this will make your power bank battery quickly damaged. It would be better if it is full directly in the pull of his charger.

    Do not Use Powerbank in Hot Spot

    Many of us use power bank and put it in bags. Inside the power bank bag that is doing its job will release a higher heat than if it were in the open. Excessive heat on this powerbank will make the battery quickly damaged. So try to use the powerbank in an open place to get a smooth air circulation and prevent it overheating.

    Do not bump

    There are some sensitive components in the power bank that may damage when hit by a collision. Therefore, place or hold the power bank properly so as not to fall or hit another hard object. You can also use a special pouch of power bank to store it as well as reduce the impact on power bank.

    Take care of your power bank so it will not damages and useful longer.…

  • 5 Construction Tech that Are Keep Construction Workers Safe in_2018

    In the construction industry, to ensure that it remains competitive all throughout, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the technological advances worth considering.

    However, it’s almost impossible to try out every new technological trend that you might come across with, and that’s why we have decided to help. We have gathered the top 5 construction techs that keep the workers safe.

    1. Smart Glasses

    This is probably the most accessible technology for those who are in the construction industry. There are several types of intelligent glasses available in the market, and each has a remarkable feature that can be very helpful on the job site.

    For instance, with Google Glass, it’s possible for wearers to easily roll their eyes upward to see projects on the tiny screen. These devices can also record videos and pictures while responding to voice commands and giving a real-time update on what’s happening on the construction site.

    Aside from smart glasses, it’s also expected that a year from now, augmented reality will also be a part of the construction industry. This will allow the engineer, construction manager, and tradesmen to see the actual project.

    Companies have also adopted handheld ultrasound technology capable of predicting equipment failures, and it can also investigate wearables that have site mapping and personal safety sensors.

    2. Smart Helmets

    Smart helmets don’t only provide safety, but it also enhances the productivity of the workers as well. In 2018, you can expect that intelligent helmets would feature a sophisticated sensor suit containing cameras that can give a 360-degree viewing, object recognition, inertial navigation, and most especially, tagging.

    These masks are equipped with hard-hat type protection, as well as a full safety visor as part of its overall design.

    3. Full Body Protection

    In the construction industry, heavy tasks are usually performed, and the beautiful thing about technology is that there are some wearable exoskeletons made for not only making difficult tasks easier to implement, but it also protects the wearer against injuries and accidents.

    For instance, there are now advanced back braces and cleverly designed tool holders that allow the workers to easily handle power tools as though it’s nothing.

    4. Radio-Frequency Tags

    This is considered to be the most straightforward and most affordable wearable technology that should be part of every job site– the radio-frequency tags. These tags are great for keeping track of the worker’s position accurately.

    For instance, Redpoint Real-time Location System utilizes indoor GPS to locate the workers easily. Furthermore, the system is embedded in safety vests, and sends alerts through flashing light whenever they worker is entering an unsafe area.

    This allows the supervisors, contractor, and project managers to easily monitor the locations of the entire team through the use of a computer and the employee’s ID number, together with the symbol displayed on the map of the site. It’s a software that works great in a sense that it would allow you to find where improvements are necessary. It can also help the workers avoid dangerous situations at all times.

    5. Exoskeletons

    The first purpose of exoskeletons was for medical use as it allows the person to stand up and walk without any difficulties at all. However, now, it’s also being used in the construction industry.

    For instance, the Ekso is a type of exoskeleton that allows construction workers to lift up heavy tools with ease easily. Likewise, it makes the process more convenient and lesser amount of time is consumed. One great example would be a worker chipping concrete, and it usually takes four days to finish this job, but with an exoskeleton, it can be done in just a single day.

    It also allows the worker to carry a 30-pound rivet buster without any difficulties at all, and manage large chunks of concrete without any trouble.

    In the following years, we can also expect this innovation to improve the construction industry dramatically. Exoskeletons could monitor and analyze what is happening on the job site, and mimic how construction workers function, but in a more efficient way.

    Although this might be too expensive at first, considering the benefits that can be enjoyed after, makes the exoskeletons worth the investment as it can keep the workers safe.

    The Future Of Construction Looks Bright With Safer Work Zones!

    Indeed, wearable technologies are exciting, especially in the construction industry. As the technology moves faster, this field will also continue to move forward, that everyone involved will enjoy a safer and more productive environment.