Distinctions of a Top Recruiting Agency

Recruiting agencies are hired by business owners to fill vacancies of all types. Some are general agencies that provide entry-level candidates to businesses in industries that do not require specialized training, or a degree. Retail, manual labor, factory jobs, assembly line positions, telemarketers, and fast food employees are some examples.

Other agencies focus on professional and executive searches. These will typically have practice areas, or specific industries, in which they specialize. Recruiters become experts in one or two practice areas and are better able to successfully find candidates that are ideal for the position and the company. Experienced executive recruiting agencies begin to distinguish themselves from the competition.

How Success Is Measured

A Top recruiting agency will be one that demonstrates consistent and excellent performance. This is measured by a few factors. The average number of days it takes for an agency to deliver a short list of candidates once a contract has been signed is one factor.

It attests to the ability of agencies to build up a varied data base of candidates, and how quickly a new search can be completed when one is required. Organized teams of professionals are characteristic of many top agencies. Sharing the time-consuming work saves time.

The tenure of the executives selected to fill the position is another benchmark by which success is measured. The ideal fit is more than finding a candidate with the right experience and education. Work styles, future goals, how well candidates match the culture of a company, and salaries that align with needs also have to be considered when the goal is to permanently fill a vacancy.

Retained Status

When an agency performs exceptionally well for a company, it tends to be retained by that company. That means exclusive listings for all vacancies within the company, recognition from the recruiting industry, and an increase in the number of large companies that wish to become clients. Companies experiencing vacancies will want to consider saving time and money by seeking out an experienced agency. When seeking a top level position, professionals will be wise to register with a top agency for access to the best vacant positions.