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What Makes Managed VPS Hosting Services Ideal for SMBs

The current Indian economy is experiencing a rise of startups, with small and medium businesses redefining the socio-economic environment. While it may sound exciting to start a business in this current environment, it is quite a challenge to efficiently manage the same, given the limited resources and budget at the starting stages. One of the most crucial things for online businesses today is web hosting. Since most of these modern businesses are digital-first, they need to maintain a strong online presence, have a well-managed website, and ensure that they are not lost among the competition.

So, how does one effectively do that? The answer lies in finding a good hosting solution, which can go a long way in boosting the website performance and yield expected results. With the adoption of efficient technologies like Virtual Private Server Hosting, this has become a relatively easy task. As the culture of online businesses continues to grow, we see more and more site owners opt for VPS Hosting. Structurally, VPS is designed in a manner that can help businesses with limited resources. And when you add a managed hosting plan to it, it doubles up efficiency.

Let’s see how.


For SMBs, managing costs is a crucial aspect of operations. If you are struggling to balance cost against quality, then VPS can be the ideal solution. Its architecture is quite similar to that of dedicated hosting, which makes it more efficient, and yet, it is cheaper than dedicated hosting.


When you are striving hard to keep your website’s performance optimal, you need a server that runs faster, is more resilient and performs well. One of the best things about VPS is that they are available in two platforms, Linux and Windows, both of which are highly powerful platforms that can boost your server’s performance. While Linux VPS Hosting is open source, cheaper, and runs on more than most applications, Windows cost a little higher and has its own set of rules of installation and supports very specific applications. Depending on what your website needs and your tech budget, you can choose from either of these.


Like we said before, SMBs are usually crunched on resources, including human resource. And managing a website is a full-time job. With a managed VPS hosting service, you can leave the worry of daily operations and management of your site with the technical manager that your service provider assigns you. This saves your time and effort, which you can invest in other critical aspects of your business.


All websites need security, but when you have a limited budget and running small-scale, you tend to compromise. And yet, it is a non-negotiable aspect of any business. Most SMBs need advanced security but do not have the means. And studies have shown that small businesses tend to suffer more cyber-attacks because of their vulnerability. With VPS hosting, your server resources (including hardware, storage, applications, etc.) are stored in containers, which are protected by advanced firewalls. And with managed VPS, your hosting provider can take care of the necessary security configurations for you.

Summing up…

As we see, a virtual private server is an ideal solution for SMBs. And with evolving needs of websites today, it has become more of a necessity than a choice, so you can grow your business and efficiently manage your website, without investing too much time or money.…