Audiovisual Technology — Helping Plumbers Bypass the Guesswork

It wasn’t long ago when plumbers had to put up with many difficulties from plumbing issues. Much of this inconvenience involved old houses that had various problems with sewer pipes and installation, which extended from the house’s foundation. The headache issue always stemmed from, not knowing where to start. Yet, the situation was a matter of extracting a supposedly-disposable baby wipe snagged up in tree roots — inside the sewer line.

Nowadays, work crews install sewer pipes under your house foundation. Therefore, audiovisual technology helps plumbers bypass the guesswork. Home, building, and plumber inspectors enjoy using camera inspection equipment. Identifying problems inside your plumbing system, you could start with the call for making repairs because of wear and tear.

However, some issues inside the sewer and pipes might involve clogs, blockages, corrosion, trapped-valuable jewelry and other important objects. Thus, when you face any of these problems, a sewer video inspection is the best way to find the problem. In relation to inspection cameras during this age, you should notice how we are already comfortable using high-resolution cameras 24 hours a day.

Currently, these camera devices vary in comparison, whether you snake your camera combined with a long or shorter cable. This all depends on how far you need to reach according to the problem you’re handling. So, while we talk about difficult areas, needed visibility, and other types of troubleshooting, let’s check out these high-tech models and what they can provide:

  • Lemonbest hand-held H0162 — The Lemonbest hand-held H0162 comprises optoelectronic technology that sends images to your smartphone or laptop using Wi-Fi. You can couple it with a collection of free apps on hand for multiple platforms, where the camera’s 720p resolution can stand out. The instrument has an adjustable white LED, it comes equipped with a 60° shooting angle and you can effortlessly disconnect the handheld camera.
  • Rigid Micro CA-25 — This rigid micro CA 25 can be used in helping you find a trapped animal or house pet. This sewer camera is an excellent ideal for diagnosing and discovering problems under floors, behind walls and reaching through tough places such as pipes and air ducts. The pistol grip camera device makes it easy as the job continues. The lens is secured with a rugged aluminum frame, and the model includes a carrying case.
  • Vividia 9mm Flexible Digital — Just when you need a visual inspection for troubleshooting, this handheld HD borescope has the features such as bending cable that makes it easy to snake while allowing viewers to perform an up-close visual inspection. You’ll get prominent control buttons while having the convenience of a pleasant size 2.4-inch LCD screen. You may add to the cable length with extensions if necessary. However, you can’t record videos or images.
  • Extech BR100 Borescope — The Extech BR100 features a durable one-meter flexible gooseneck. It has an IP67 waterproof rating and its camera head measures 17mm that pairs with a high-resolution TFT LCD monitor having a 2.4 inch in measurement. Whether your objects are close up or otherwise, you’ll receive a wide image view across the lens with clear, crisp and glare-free. It also helps it has dimmable twin LED lamps. Be advised the reproduction is not that good.
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All in all, Camera technology is smaller but low resolution white and black cameras, including flexible lines to the cable, has made way for the high-resolution digital inspection cameras — we believe are so welcoming.