How to Be a Responsible, Knowledgeable World Traveler

It can freedom-finding and beautiful to travel the world, especially when you have unlimited possibilities at your feet. Ergo, if you’re lucky enough to be a world traveler, you should strive to be a responsible, knowledgeable one. Why? Because respect and politeness in regard to others and places are just as important as the experiences you gain from traveling itself.

Knowledge and responsibility can come with enough travel experience, but it’s best to develop and hone these traits before you ever deem yourself a world travelers—and here’s how.

Respect the Local Beliefs and Cultures of Wherever You Travel (i.e. Do Your Research)

Would you want someone coming to your backyard to make fun of what you do and throw their trash everywhere? No? Then don’t do that to others. Do your research of your destination and get to know and respect their local beliefs and cultures. Regardless of if those beliefs and cultures are yours, you should always treat others with the politeness and interest that you would want to be treated.

Tip: Use a dictaphone microcassette transcriber to document and remember the customs, cultures, and beliefs of your destination. Hearing these in your own voice can help instill them as memories.

Do a Good Deed Wherever You Go

Whether it’s paying for someone’s coffee in the café line, offering someone a seat on a crowded bus, or treating someone homeless to a hot meal or two, there are good deeds to be done wherever you go. Good deeds are soothing and fulfilling to your soul, so spread the positive vibes on all of your journeys. It will come back to you tenfold.

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Don’t Be a Litter Bug

NEVER throw your trash on the ground and expect someone else to pick it up. Not only is it disrespectful to others in the area, but it’s SUPER disrespectful to the beauty of the destination. Always leave a hotel room or home clean too. It’s courteous to not be a slob.

Book Attractions, Adventures, and Entertainment in Advance

Prepping for your travels will make you a knowledge, responsible traveler because you are taking your journey into your own hands. Plan all of your to-dos in advance—from adventures to attractions and entertainment. The better you plan, the better prepared you will be for your budget, and the better vacation you will have without the hassle of surprise expenses.