Paddle Blenders Find Many Applications

Paddle blenders and ribbon blenders are a type of blending machines that have been a mainstay of the American industry environment for many decades. A great number of firms choose these machines when they are looking for industrial grade mixers. Paddle blenders are typically selected for applications where more tender handling of the product is needed than a ribbon blender can manage.

Paddle Blenders Find Many Applications

The upfront expense to buy paddle blenders, their production costs, and maintenance overhead per pound of manufactured output are relatively inexpensive as measured against other kinds of industrial blenders. You can employ them for blending lots of materials. Their area of excellence lies in softer blending as with coating nuts, mixed salads such as sea foot or potatoes salads, or in spaghetti sauce types of mixes. By combining them with a heating jacket, these paddle blenders can both blend and cook simultaneously. Similarly if you attach a cooling jacket, you may blend products as you cool them.

Stainless Steel Paddle Blenders

Paddle blenders made from stainless steel generally mold the product in the middle of the machine. The exception to this is if the mixing component is a liquid. You can get around this through adjust blade angles and reduce the center mounding. A great feature of paddle blenders is that they are quite simple to unload and load. You can also generate a swirl within the product as with ice cream featuring caramel ribbons throughout, or like with stucco and concrete that possesses colored swirls. Paddles blenders are ideal for this kind of result.

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The Components of Paddle Blenders

Paddle blenders range widely in size. They start at five cubic feet blender size and run all the way to an enormous 500 cubic feet variant. Horsepower on these machines can be as high as 150 HP. Every machine is built and sized for the end product special features and density. This way all clients obtain the precise performance they require in the goods they manufacture. The designs will naturally concentrate of safety and sanitation with the minimal amount of maintenance necessary.

Paddle blenders are a proven product. More gentle than ribbon blenders, they have numerous applications. Their technology allows for sizes ranging from small to enormous.