Switch from 3G to 4G – Here’s why

You should get on board with the superfast speeds and added features of being on the 4G spectrum. This article uncovers facts about making the switch.

A few years ago, India took a giant leap in its mobile telephone technology by introducing the ambitious 4G spectrum. Every major service provider instantly started offering 4G networks to their customers. However, many customers still continued with their 3G networks. They reasoned that they were happy with the network coverage and speeds, and there was no reason to try the flashier 4G network. But wouldn’t you agree that faster and bigger is always better, especially when it costs you nothing to upgrade a few notches?

Do you still use 3G? It’s time you upgraded to a 4G plan.

How does 3G differ from 4G?

3G and 4G are phone spectrums, and the differences between them are slightly technical to understand. Suffice it to say that the ‘G’ in the term stands for ‘Generation’, which means ‘edition’ or ‘iteration’. Thus, the higher the iteration, the higher the bandwidth of the network and the better it is.

  • It naturally follows that the 4G plan network is faster, bigger and better than the 3G network. Both are concurrently operational in India at the moment – several people have still not made the switch from 3G to 4G – but it is better to be on the 4G spectrum for many reasons.
  • The 4G network is an LTE (Long Term Evolution) one with wider and better network functionality.
  • The 4G plan can reach high speeds, sometimes even above 100 Mbps. 3G networks can hit peak speeds of 70 Mbps. In most cases, 4G shows 10 times higher speeds than 3G.
  • The 4G spectrum provides a data driven wireless network with an end-to-end IP connection for superior data transfer. Interestingly, the 4G network reverts to the older 3G spectrum in areas of low connectivity.
  • Most handsets are compatible for 4G plans, so additional new investment is not needed. Also, switching to 4G from 3G is free.
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Who has the best 4G plans?

Every service provider today offers 4G plans, but only leading ones like Airtel offer top of the line 4G plans that are highly functional and quite cost effective too.

Airtel’s 4G plans come in 5 variants, priced Rs 399, Rs 499, Rs 649, Rs 799 and Rs 1,199. You get data between 40 GB and 120 GB depending on which 4G plan you take, and you can also club all Airtel numbers in the house under one umbrella myFamily plan for added convenience and discounts. Plus, each 4G plan comes with excellent add-on benefits, unlimited calling and superfast network.