The Importance of a Residential Alarm System

Every home security system does essentially the same thing. It secures points of entry such as the more vulnerable windows and doors. The system also secures the inside of the home to protect valuables. The difference between systems are some use more security components than others. The system secures the home with a network of components that work together. These components communicate with a central control panel to keep the residence safe from intruders and burglars. The basic system includes the control panel, the sensors for the points of entry, exterior and interior motion sensors, security cameras, an alarm or siren and window stickers.

A residential alarm system Cedar Rapids IA uses sensors to keep the residence secure. These sensors communicate with a command center or control panel installed in the home. The sensors are placed in the easily accessible windows and the doors leading in and out of the residence. Motion sensors are used to keep the open areas in the residence safe and secure. The control panel arms and disarms the system and maintains communication with the components. If there is an incident, the control panel sets off the alarm and contacts the company monitoring the residence. The control panel usually has a touch pad for easier use and programming. This is where codes to arm and disarm the security system are entered. This system may offer an option for voice commands and can work with a wireless remote control.

The sensors for the windows and doors have two separate parts. The first is installed right onto the window or door and the second on the window sill or door frame. When the window or door is closed, the two parts form a circuit. These sensors communicate with the control panel to indicate the residence has been secured. The circuit is activated if the window or door opens and a security issue is recorded. The alarm goes off and the alarm company is notified automatically. A motion sensor is used to protect a specific space in the residence. If this area is not secure, the alarm will sound. These sensors protect valuables and seldom used areas in large homes. The surveillance cameras are also an important part of the security system.

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The alarm is loud enough to be heard by the neighbors and lets the people in the residence know there is an issue. The alarm is designed to make a burglar run away and let the neighbors know there may be a problem. The window stickers tell potential burglars the home is professionally protected. The actions of the security system during any issue are dependent on the type of system. A professionally monitored security system will tell the monitoring company when there is an issue in the residence. The alarm then sounds. A security expert will usually try to contact the homeowner. If the homeowner cannot be reached or is not at home, an emergency response unit is contacted. This includes the police, paramedics and fire department. Most monitoring systems will notify the homeowner by text in case an incident occurs.