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How to Get the Best Flea Treatment for Dogs No matter how much you love your pet, dealing with fleas is not fun. It is no wonder that every dog owner strives to make sure that they keep fleas off their pet as much as possible. However, something minor like being in contact with other animals or going to a place that has fleas can cause the animal to be infected. You might be wondering how the fleas get in contact with their host, they do so since they have strong legs that allow them to jump. The bite of a flea can cause itching and discomfort to the host. However, if the dog is sensitive, it can cause inflammation, hair loss, and secondary infection of the skin. When you notice that your dog has fleas, you should strive to get the best treatment. How to know that it is a flea infestation Other than the flea, there are small pest like the mites that can infest your dog. This is the reason that before you start flea treatment you need to be certain. When you examine your dog only then can you be sure about what is attacking your dog. Fleas are pests that can be seen scurrying on the surface of the skin. These insects are small like the size of the head of a pin and have a dark copper color. You should also know that they do not like the light and, thus, you should look for them within the furry areas, as well as the belly and inner thighs of the pet. If you discover that it is a flea you have two options using non-chemical options or using non-chemical options.
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Getting rid of the fleas is not easy since they are persistence and will not easily let go. One of the way that you can use to remove the flea making use of pills and chemicals. Pills are taken orally and they also offer quick result where they kill a significant percentage of the fleas within the first thirty minutes of intake. Chemicals take several days to work; you should get the one that works for both the egg and the adult. Use of non-chemical removal tactics If you are the type of person who is not into chemical procedures, then you should use the natural way which involves the anti-flea shampoo. Before you use this technique, you need to ascertain that your dog can be able to handle dealing with having the lather on for over ten minutes so that the shampoo can sink in and have the desired effect. Once you rinse off the shampoo, brush the dead fleas and the eggs off the fur.

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