What Is a Thermal Imaging Camera and What Is It for?

The use of a thermal imaging camera is a rapidly expanding idea with almost unlimited potential. Any object in the universe emits energy, and most of the energy is infrared radiation invisible to the human eye. According to the intensity of infrared radiation, it is possible not only to separate objects of different nature or even areas of a uniform surface, but also to determine many of their hidden properties.

The principle of work of the thermal imaging camera is based on the registration of thermal radiation. The device requires little to no illumination in order to work. And since all objects radiate heat one way or another, it is difficult to overestimate the use of thermal imaging cameras in military science.

For the needs of the army, thermal imaging cameras are manufactured in the form of binoculars, monoculars, sights for weapons, they are equipped with various equipment, guidance systems and much more, because the format of the device and the use of a thermal imaging camera in solving specific problems are crucially important for such a thermal imaging camera. As a rule, instruments used by the military have the most advanced high-resolution matrixes that provide the best image quality and high frame rate.

Medical Value

Medicine has always been another important aspect of human activity. Thermal imaging cameras are also used here. Our body temperature is an excellent indicator of overall health. The change in temperature, as is well-known, signals about malfunctions in the body’s functioning, which is why a thermometer is always put on the patient during the initial examination. However, it should be understood that the usual contact thermometer always measures the temperature in the same place. But in fact, body temperature is not uniform, and each organ has its own characteristic.
Examination of a human thermal camera helps to find the area of inflammation with high accuracy and determine, for example, the pathogenic process in one of the organs without the introduction of various probes or surgery. Thus, the use of a thermal imaging camera for diagnostics not only makes it possible to determine whether the patient is ill or healthy, but also ensures high accuracy to indicate the source of the problem and make a diagnosis.

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Use of In Industry and Construction

Thermal imaging cameras have found wide application in the chemical industry and metallurgy — production areas in which high-temperature processes, complex cooling systems and units are often used. Each large object regularly carries out a thermal imaging survey of buildings, infrastructure and equipment. The device helps in solving many problems and allows, for example: the diagnosis of blast furnaces, use of thermal insulation units, checking tightness, and dynamically controlling temperature changes in a chemical reactor.

How Does the It Help in Everyday Life

Previously, thermal imaging cameras were considered sophisticated and expensive devices. And they were available only to the military and certain specialists. However, progress and the improvement of technology production has made this class of devices very common in various fields, not excluding household use.